July 25, 2014

NomiProfessional Portrait-Nomi Goheer-0001-July 16, 2014Professional Portrait- NomiProfessional Portrait- NomiProfessional Portraits_NomiGoheer-0050-July 16, 2014My friend Nomi is leaving corporate law, so he wanted images that didn’t feel so….corporate law.  It was fun to collaborate with him and bring out different expressions to show the depth of his personality.
A lot of my friends are similar phases of their career where they might be sought out for new job opportunities.  So a current portrait of themselves for LinkedIn or other social networking sites seems like a good idea, right?  It’s likely that you’ll get Googled by employers, so why not have an image that makes a great first impression? You update your resume, you update your wardrobe- why not your image?

Good luck, Nomi!

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