June 04, 2014

I went to visit family and friends in Los Angeles last March and had a roll of black and white film I needed to finish up.  I walked around Hotel Maya at the Long Beach harbor and saw very few people, so I turned to my next favorite subject: nature.  I forgot how interesting trees in desert climates can be!  And since I was using black and white film, I focused on textures.  The sun was high in the sky so it gave me some great shadows to play with.  I’m so impressed with how well my sister’s Canon AE-1  every time I use it.  I used a much narrower depth of field than I normally do and I love the results!   I think these look best in the slideshow when viewed in full screen- so do it!




I also went walking around Torrance where my sister lives. Who knew they had a nature preserve?  I’m always drawn to contrasting things, like huge trees that look like they belong in a field but are in a strip mall.  Or trees lined up outside the electric plant in Torrance.  At least I think it’s an electric plant.  I walked down there around dinner time and was skeptical about trying to catch that infamous southern California golden hour light with black and white film, but I’m glad I tried.  Can you see it?





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