February 18, 2014

My favorite portrait sessions always end up being the ones where I didn’t have a set list of poses or a checklist of backdrops in my head.  That’s why I like engagement sessions with my clients. There’s a sweet simplicity to them.  I get to hang out with two cool people and create photographs that reflect who they are.

Thank you K&B for inviting me out to your neighborhood in Hyattsville and trusting me to create something real that reflects your life and love.

If you want to win a engagement session with me and Voila! Event Studio, sign up for the Bridal Bellhop giveaway here. All you have to do is tell us the story of your love.  And if your engagement story didn’t involve fireworks, a chariot, or a YouTube video, you should still sign up.   Sometimes, the best stories are the simple ones.

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