May 25, 2012

Well,  technically, Jeremy and Janelle found each other on OK Cupid.  She noticed he had a neat ‘stache.  He was struck by her gorgeous red locks.  But they fell in love in Mount Pleasant.  It’s where they want to start their new life together so when they asked me to take their engagement photos, I couldn’t think of any place more lively, more colorful, more lovely…or more perfect to spend an afternoon with them in.  We started the day out at Sticky Fingers Bakery with an old two seater bike and ended it in on the porch of Janelle’s house in Mt.P.

Props and pretty backgrounds aside, the best part was photographing Jeremy and Janelle just…being Jeremy and Janelle.  Every frame is filled with them loving on each other, laughing really hard, or singing to each other.    J+J, thank you for not holding back any emotion and for inviting me to photograph your wonderful selves.



I asked Jeremy to draw a picture of him and Janelle in the future.


He drew their house and their dog 🙂


*For those who don’t live in the District,  Mount Pleasant is an idyllic neighborhood tucked away in a little corner of northwest DC that borders Rock Creek Park.  I’ve heard it referred to as the “Berkeley of DC.”  Google Map it and stroll through the next time you’re nearby- you’ll be glad you did!


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