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June 04, 2014

I went to visit family and friends in Los Angeles last March and had a roll of black and white film I needed to finish up.  I walked around Hotel Maya at the Long Beach harbor and saw very few people, so I turned to my next favorite subject: nature.  I forgot how interesting trees in desert climates can be!  And since I was using black and white film, I focused on textures.  The sun was high in the sky so it gave me some great shadows to play with.  I’m so impressed with how well my sister’s Canon AE-1  every time I use it.  I used a much narrower depth of field than I normally do and I love the results!   I think these look best in the slideshow when viewed in full screen- so do it!




I also went walking around Torrance where my sister lives. Who knew they had a nature preserve?  I’m always drawn to contrasting things, like huge trees that look like they belong in a field but are in a strip mall.  Or trees lined up outside the electric plant in Torrance.  At least I think it’s an electric plant.  I walked down there around dinner time and was skeptical about trying to catch that infamous southern California golden hour light with black and white film, but I’m glad I tried.  Can you see it?





November 27, 2013

These girls make me want to be a twin!

More twin cuteness in the slideshow below.


April 12, 2013

After years of living in DC, I’m kind of cherry blossom-ed out.  It’s always crowded, chaotic and the flowers trigger my allergies, and yes, you can call me the Cherry Blossom Scrooge.  But after seeing 50+ photos of bright pink and white flowers roll across my Facebook newsfeed, I felt that creative itch to brave the crowds and chaos to create some images of the season from my perspective.

January 11, 2013

Every year around this time I watch a lot of travel shows and get the itch to get lost in a foreign country.  And some years I actually get to do it!

Last year I took a trip to Singapore (okay, so maybe not so foreign since I was born there). I’ve been several times before as a younger person but this was my first visit with my camera in tow.  The heartbeat of this city is the glorious food culture. So glorious, it deserves it’s own post detailing each dish I ate and how to correctly pronounce it and where I got it- because really, what’s the point of posting photos of food if you can’t use it as reference for the next time you travel to Singapore?

But that is not this post. This post is all about places in Singapore.

Like the food, the buildings and neighborhoods of Singapore also tell the story of this multicultural melting pot.  You get a glimpse of its beginnings as a British colony, the influence of generations of immigrants who came from southern China and southern India (my family is third generation ethnic Chinese, born in Singapore.), and all the modern flair of the first world metropolis it is today.

Views of and from the Marina Bay Sands, or “MBS” as locals call it:


Ann Siang Hill.  These types of buildings are called Shophouses.

PS Cafe in Ann Siang Hill


Stevie’s General Store  in Ann Siang Hill.  The most unique shop in Singapore.  That’s the owner, Stevie, below.


Chinatown.  Red lanterns are up in preparation for Chinese New Year.

Haji Lane, a street with trendy boutiques (see ironic mustache on mannequin below) in the Arab street/Kampong Glam neighborhood-  the heart of the Singapore Muslim community.


The gentrification on Haji Lane: Bar Stories for the mixology enthusiasts and Masson Ikkoku for the coffee enthusiasts.  The National Museum of Singapore      

More nightlife.  This  is a for reals bar found on Tras Street.

People, people, coming and going everywhere. Or as one might say in Singlish, ” Wah, everywhere so crowded, man!”  An MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station, Orchard Rd., and Joo Chiat.

Dempsey Hill, on the west side.  A former army barracks turned neighborhood and quaint shopping/dining destination.

East Coast beach

For a great travel guide to Singapore, check out  this episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show, The Layover!