July 24, 2014

Every month or so, Ben Lin opens up his home to a small group of diners and him and his crew prepare a tasting menu.  There’s a ton of people on their email list and not a ton of seats, so the dinners book up fast.

Last month I got an email from my friend Yusuf.

“Yo.  Next Harvard St. Supper Club email just went out, I already bought my ticket. Better buy yours fast if you want to go.”

I went to buy my ticket 1 hour later…and it was sold out.  But Ben Lin and his team were gracious and let me photograph them in the kitchen as they prepped and served their food.  While I did take photos of the food, the more interesting subjects to me were Ben, his team, and the guests they were serving.  Watching Ben and his team prepare for the Supper Club was pretty inspiring.  They cater corporate events and weddings full time during the week, so to take what would be their Thurs/Fri/Sat night off to prepare and serve another meal just for the love of it?  Yeah, that’s the stuff that inspires me.   Also, the food was bomb- so good.

Cheers to good food and good people.

Learn more about B.Lin Catering and their supper clubs here.

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